Product Warranty

General Warranty

All ScubaSight Products are guaranteed against defects in material and workmanship. Underwater products are guaranteed to be impervious to water damage. Defective parts will be replaced at no cost unless damaged by accident, misuse, abuse, normal wear or excessive sunlight exposure.

If a defect in material or workmanship has occurred, ScubaSight reserves the right to determine if the problem has occurred under normal use. Any parts of the product determined to be defective under normal use will be shipped at no cost to our customers in the United States or 50% of the shipping cost will be paid for our International customers.

Replacement part installation
Option 1: The customer is responsible for installing the replacement part on all user servicable products (See Warranty Specifics below for exceptions).
Option 2: ScubaSight will install the replacement parts at no charge and the customer is responsible for all actual shipping costs.

Claim Submission: Warranty claims should be submitted, in writing, with a detailed explanation of the occurrence and sent by using our contact form. ScubaSight reserves the right to request the return of the product at the customers expense for examination. Whenever possible ScubaSight will accept a detailed explanation and/or images of the defective part in lieu of a product return.

Warranty Specifics by Product

Underwater Mirrors - The Dive Mirror or SplitSight System Mirror will be replaced at no cost if they ever cease to function as a mirror due to water damage of the mirror backing. This does not include water damage that occurs because the mirror back waterproof sealants have been compromised by solvents, abrasive cleaners, scrapes or scratches.


ScubaSight cannot be held responsible for damage resulting from improper product care including but not limited to:

Saltwater corrosion to stainless steel parts and fasteners. 316 type stainless steel can corrode over time if not rinsed with fresh water after salt water dives.

Galvanic corrosion between uncoated aluminum and stainless steel screws in saltwater. To avoid galvanic corrosion be sure to reapply silicone grease to screws and threads before reassembly.

Damage to aluminum or plastic threaded holes due to misalignment or overtightening of screws

Misalignment of the SplitSight Mirror due to disassembly of the mirror from it's bracket. This is user fixable issue. Please contact us for help. ScubaSight will be happy to realign the mirror at no charge provided that the customer is responsible for all actual shipping costs.

Misalignment of the SplitSight Mirror due to a bent aluminum mirror bracket. The force of entering the water with the SplitSight System could bend the bracket. Like any camera equipment, it is better to have the System and camera handed down from the boat rather than risk damage.

We know that sometimes things happen on the dive boat or underwater so if your ScubaSight Product ever becomes accidently damaged we will, whenever possible, make replacement parts available to you at a reasonable price to save you the cost of a new item. Please contact us for help.

Updated: June 13, 2013