ScubaSight® Video Extension Rod


For SplitSight™ System

Connection type - Screws into Nut Block
A Nut Block is installed as part of the System.

Positions - BACK of lens

• Include more of You in the SplitSight Video
• Create unique shots.
• Close-ups of marine life while avoiding stings or bites.

Order Options

SplitSight System + 16 inch Extension Rod    Best Deal !

16 inch Extension Rod Only

For Camera Mount

Connection type - Screws into Nut Block
See Order Options below

Positions - FRONT or BACK of lens

Functions by Position
FRONT- Extends the Mount away to take self video.
BACK - Safely extends the lens closer to marine life.

Order Options

Camera Mount only •Pre-drilled holes give you the option of ordering and self installing Nut Blocks later

Camera Mount System •Includes Camera Mount, Extension Rod and Nut Blocks installed FRONT & BACK.   Best Deal !

Extension Rod & 2 Nut Blocks •Self-install Nut Blocks FRONT & BACK.

Extension Rod & 1 Nut Block •Self install the Nut Block at the desired position.

Rod Details

Material - Clear acrylic 1/2 inch extruded rod

Length - 16 or 24 inches long.

Adjustable Wrist Strap - Marine grade nylon bungee cord

Fastener - 316 type stainless steel
Video Extension Rod shown attached to Video System. Sold Separately
Price: $12.99
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Ordering Options

Camera Mount requires Nut Blocks (self installed)for Rod attachment or order the Rod with the Camera Mount to have them pre-installed .


All GoPro® Dive Housings and Hero® Cameras shown for example only and not included.

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