SplitSight System for GoPro® Cameras

Create a video record of your underwater adventures that includes you behind the camera on the left side of the resulting split screen video while the action you see in front is on the right. Requires only a single GoPro® Camera * with no special editing.

Now Includes Thumb Screw Extension Rod Details

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Back-Ordered: ETA 2 Weeks

Scuba diver recording turtle & self with SplitSight System SRTurt400.jpg Thumb1_400.jpg SplitSight_Clipped_400.jpg SS_sans_Scrw_LD05_400.jpg SS_Top_blue_95_400.jpg SS_Bck_Thumb_270_400.jpg Thumb2_Top_400.jpg SRTurtHeadCrop1_400.jpg

This item is available by special order only, please contact sales@scubasight.com for details

All Housings and Cameras shown for example only and not included.

*Designed for use with GOPRO® cameras. GOPRO® is a registered trademark of Woodman Labs, Inc. in the United States and other countries. ScubaSight® is not affiliated with Woodman Labs.