Relax and use your Dive Mirror to ...

...expand underwater vision while staying in a streamlined horizontal position to efficiently move through the water. the air/gas normally used to constantly shift your body and equipment to see beyond your mask view.

...inspect tank valves and hose connections to check for gas leaks. Quickly see the size and location of a leak.

...avoid surfacing to fix a problem. See and fix it yourself while underwater and then enjoy your dive.

Picture of ScubaSight mirror being used

...shut down the correct side of a doubles manifold with no guesswork in the event of a leak.

...find the location of a dry suit leak yourself while underwater.

...check rebreathers for leaks.

...instantly check for tank clearance in a wreck or cave.

...monitor divers behind you in the passageway of a wreck or cave.

...make sure you are not kicking silt or coral with your fins.

Picture of ScubaSight mirror being used

...make safe controlled ascents. Watch your gage and use the mirror to see above.

...avoid having water trickle into your drysuit neck seal as a result of looking up.

...scan the ceiling of a cave for fossils without looking up.

...track sea life in two places,for example, visually track a shark overhead while observing a ray on the bottom.

Picture of ScubaSight mirror being used

...locate a dive buddy that ends up above or behind you. No need to twist around to find them. a surface swim on your back without stopping to turn and look for the marker.

...escape from entanglements.See what you are caught on and calmly detach yourself.

...easily see around if your movement is even more limited by a physical disability.

...keep an extra eye on your students during underwater training exercises.

Picture of ScubaSight mirror being used

...find equipment that ends up caught behind you. Relax and find it in your mirror.

...sight down the length of your body to check for a streamlined configuration.

...observe the reaction of sea creatures when seeing their own reflection.

...inspect your mask seal before entering the water.

Picture of ScubaSight mirror being used to inspect mask

...find and replace a contact lens.

...signal at the surface in an emergency. The sun flash from a mirror can be seen for many miles.

...redirect sunlight to see underneath ledges and into shadows. ScubaSight being used as a signal mirror

...avoid getting snagged on your dive flag line or to get unsnagged.

View of a dive flag in Dive Mirror


...keep from fighting the current to turn and see your buddy while decompressing.
   Relax and off-gas more efficiently.

...check your face after the dive for...

...avoid having a mischievous diver sneak up on you.

The procedures listed above have been used and submitted by experienced divers.