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From: Steven Richcreek at ScubaSight
To: Richie Kohler
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2012 11:12 AM
Subject: Re: Dive Mirror
Hi Richie,
Last year I again heard from a number of divers who have been training with you and using the Dive Mirror. I wanted to let you know that your referrals were much appreciated.
We have a new label now and are testing a more durable coating. I can ship you a couple if you would like.
Thanks again,

From: Richie Kohler
Sent: Monday, March 26, 2012 2:07 PM
Subject: Re: Dive Mirror
Sure Steve, send em over...I do promote the product as its a great idea!
Picture of Richie Kohler Richie Kohler
Technical Diving and Shipwreck Exploration

ScubaSight, an indispensable help, I never dive without it.
At first, I thought of ScubaSight as a kind of “rear view” mirror that I could use to see faster moving divers or fish and let them pass. All jokes aside, when the manufacturer sent it to me he asked that I think of it as more than just a “rear view” mirror. Not forgetting this request I decided that the best way to discover the true use of this invention was to try it underwater. Since then, I have done several dives with ScubaSight and have found it to have many virtues.
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Madrid Spain
Al Filo de lo Adaptado

From: Dr. Luca Lucarina
Subject: Re: ScubaSight in Italy
To: Steve at ScubaSight Dive Mirrors
I am a solo diver. I used "mirrors" since 1995. Billy Deans of Key West Divers taught this to me. Before ScubaSight I always used a piece of stainless steel polished like a mirror but the quality of your product is uncomparable. I attached the mirror to a SS clip and I put it in the pocket on my right leg. Sometime I clip the ScubaSight on the DPV (scooter). I use also the ScubaSight when I was entangled with a line on the back or where I can't see directly. I used it to control if my configuration is really streamline too.
Best regards,
Luca Lucarini
Italy                 See Luca (Dr. Deep) dive to 94 meters (308 feet) on YouTube
From: Tiedemann's Diving Center
Subject: Re: interested in carrying your product...
Please send me details on carrying your product.
Some of my instructors use it and love it.
Ed Tiedemann
Levittown, New York

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Hi Steve!
Well I'm back from my dive, to report on my first day (night actually) of using your ScubaSight mirror. When I first saw it online, I was thinking that there were only a few situations where I might actually need a mirror, but I realized that in those particular situations, a mirror would be invaluable. So, I figured I'd put one in my bc pocket just in case. After having actually used the mirror on just one dive trip, I can honestly tell you that I don't plan to make another dive without it on my arm! That was really handy!
In one dive trip, I actually used it to:

  1. Get my hair out of my mask, and properly arrange my hood/stingguard (by the way, check out for another recently acquired innovation I always carry now - thankfully I didn't need it this trip, but it's been the first trip this season that the jellyfish didn't try to ruin)
  2. Keep an eye on my buddy above me on the anchor line WHILE watching my wrist computer - just like the picture on your site. (way cool!)
  3. Get untangled from a reel line that I accidentally backed into, and got hung on my tank/first stage. (Reading that on your site I was thinking sure it would be great to have then, but how often does that really happen? Well thankfully I had ordered one because it happened on the very next dive I made!)
  4. Easily (and constantly) check behind/above me for the giant shark I'd admired on the other side of the wreck, and then lost track of.
I know all of these uses are listed on your site, but when I read them, I didn't really think of them as situations I'd encounter regularly, but some of them really are. Anyway, thank you for making this happen!
Glen Pipkins
Satsuma,Alabama USA
Before we got in the water on our first test try of the ScubaSight® – Multi use underwater mirror, we were skeptical. Our dive buddies made lots of jokes about primping before the dive. Thinking it merely a novel idea – using a mirror to view what was behind us – we splashed, anticipating a sketchy review. We were quite surprised at how valuable this device turned out to be!
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ScubaSight Tip: When using the bungee strap the fit should never be "wobbly" or loose.
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I use the mirror all the time when diving with students. It is a very useful tool because it is not always practical to be looking directly at your students and leading a dive at the same time. With the mirror worn on my wrist, I am able to look back at my students while still safely leading the dive.
Brian Yarger
Instructor OWSI 486647
Hi Steve
The list of uses for the Scubasight Dive mirror keeps on growing. I make sure I have it on every dive. I wanted to let you know about a good experience I had recently. We were with a group of student divers in Palm Beach and I was staying close to a student who was less comfortable than the others. My Scubasight gave me the ability to pay close attention to one diver while always being aware of the rest of the group. A quick glance at the mirror gave me the information I needed. On the ascent line it was invaluable. I was able to closely monitor the student while keeping tabs on the divers around me. I won't work with a class without it.
Thanks and keep up the good work,
Richard Black
New Smyrna Beach, Florida, USA
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