Dive Mirror Frequently Asked Questions



  • 1. Background

    1. What is a ScubaSight® Dive Mirror ?The ScubaSight® Dive Mirror is a lightweight shatterproof acrylic plastic mirror that was developed by a scuba diver to improve the underwater vision of scuba divers and make their dives safer and more relaxed.

    2. How thoroughly tested is is this product?
      The mirror has been used on hundreds of dives in quarrys, rivers, lakes, springs and oceans.

    3. Who do I contact for more information?
      Contact us with any questions.

    4. Where can I order the ScubaSight® Dive Mirror ?
      Order the Dive Mirror direct on our site here.

  • 2. General Questions

    1. Why scuba dive with a mirror ?
      This question is answered here

    2. What are some of the uses of the ScubaSight® Dive Mirror ?
    3. See how divers are using the mirror here

    4. Is the mirror scratch resistant ?
      The acrylic mirror is about as scratch resistant as the face of a dive computer.It will get a few scratches with normal use but they are hardly noticeable underwater. The back of the mirror has a silvered coating that makes it reflect and waterproof finish is applied over the coating to seal out water. The coating and finish could become scratched off but that would not make the mirror ineffective.

    5. Will the mirror fog up underwater like a mask?
      Maybe if there was an extreme temperature difference between the air and water but the mirror would quickly become the same temperature as the water.

  • 3. Sizing Questions

    1. Should the mirror be worn on my wrist?
      Not necessarily. The mirror can be worn or kept in your B.C. pocket until needed. You can set the mirror up to best suit you and your equipment configuration.The important thing is to have your dive mirror available when needed. More info here.

    2. How do I attach the mirror using the bungee strap ?
      The mirror comes with an extra long bungee strap and one of the knots is tied loosely. You simply move the knot and then try the fit. See Set Up The Bungee Strap for an illustration.

    3. How tight should the bungee strap be ?
      The strap will stretch to almost twice its length but if it is stretched tightly on a bare skin or a thin wetsuit it could be uncomfortable.The bungee strap can be set up to go around your arm, wrist ,hand or diving equipment. You can snug the knots loosely until you have the desired tightness. When you are sure of the fit you can tighten the knots. The excess strap may be trimmed if desired. The bungee will not fray past the knot but you can carefully melt the frayed ends of the bungee for a neater job.

    4. Why is bungee cord used for the mirror strap ? Why not have a belt type strap like wrist computers ?
      The advantage of the bungee strap is that you can take the mirror on and off without having to fasten a belt type strap with one hand. While underwater it is easy to quickly move the mirror to a different position such as the palm of your hand to get a view of your tank valve area behind you. The bungee strap also allows you to gear up faster for your dive.

  • 4. Construction & Materials Questions

    1. How waterproof is the dive mirror ?
      The ScubaSight® mirror is made for scuba diving and guaranteed to be completely waterproof and unaffected by saltwater even after repeated or prolonged exposure. The dive mirror has been submerged continously in saltwater for 12 months with no water damage.

    2. What is acrylic mirror ?
      A lightweight plastic shatterproof mirror that has a reflectivity that is very close to silvered glass. The reflectivity of acrylic mirror is 85% to 90% compared to silvered glass which is 93%. The difference is not noticeable.

    3. What is marine bungee cord ?
      A very strong and durable type of bungee or shock cord that is suitable for use in water.

  • 5. Maintenance Questions

    1. How do I clean and care for the mirror?
      The mirror will pretty much clean itself underwater. You may also use a mild soap and water mixture with a gentle cleaning cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaner or mask defog. Store the mirror where it will not be scratched by other equipment.
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