How to signal with a mirror.

Signaling with a mirror is simply redirecting the suns light to a specific place or target so that the flash of the mirror can be seen by someone in the target area.The mirror must be held at the correct angle in relation to where the sun is positioned in the sky while facing the target.
Picture of signal mirror in relationship to sun and target.
  1. Face the target and form a V with your free hand and pivot the angle of the mirror until the square of light is centered on the V as shown below.

  2. Aim at the target by keeping the light centered on the V while using your eyes to sight through the V until you see your target.

  3. Keep a constant reflection of light aimed at and visible to any potential rescuer.

  4. Slightly rock the mirror to make it flash.
Picture of sighting target with mirror to signal.

You can still use the two handed method to signal if the sun is directly overhead or behind when facing the target, but the farther the sun is behind you the less bright your flash will be.

When using a ordinary signal mirror with a hole and grid you will have to use the two handed method once the sun is overhead or behind you.

If using a ordinary signal mirror with just a hole you will always have to use the two handed method because the hole is worthless without a grid.

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