Picture that illustrates how ScubaSight expands underwater vision. Inspect. Click for enlarged view and use description Click for enlarged view and use description Relax and use the mirror to compensate for your limited mask vision

Relax And Use Your Dive Mirror For Safety, Comfort And Fun.

The Dive Mirror gains back and expands the field of vision that is lost due to the restrictions of your mask and scuba gear. You can relax and observe your mask view while simultaneously using the mirror to visually scan equipment, other divers and the underwater world that surrounds you. This means that you can stay in a streamlined horizontal position to efficiently move through the water and save the energy normally used to constantly shift your body and equipment to see beyond your mask view. When you save energy you also breathe less and can dive longer.
Picture of the dive mirror's expanded vision and uses Click for enlarged view and use description. Click for “How to Signal” guide Click here for enlarged image. Click here for enlarged view and description.
Using the mirror helps you to calmly deal with a problem before it becomes life threatening. In the unlikely event that you should become entangled or hear the sound of escaping bubbles, you will be able to use the mirror to instantly see, diagnose and solve the problem yourself. Why waste precious seconds waiting for help to reach you?

Multiple Use Dive Mirror

The ScubaSight Dive Mirror is designed for multiple uses and not limited to one use or direction. The mirror can cover a multitude of directions simply by moving its position.The bungee strap makes it easy to quickly move the mirror to the front or back of either hand while still keeping the rest of the body in a streamlined position.
Two views of the ScubaSight mirror including data Click here to see how to set-up the bungee strap. Click here to see how to set-up the bungee strap.
The acrylic Dive Mirror provides a clear image and its reflectivity of 90% compares very closely to that of silvered glass. The clarity of the Dive Mirror shown in the video example is affected by video view settings, lighting and water clarity and is not a true representation of the mirrors clarity.
Relax and use your Dive Mirror to...