Camera Mount-GP Frequently Asked Questions



  • 1. Background

    1. What is ScubaSight® Camera Mount?
      The Camera Mount is a hands-free mount for your camera that is suitable for underwater use.

    2. Who do I contact for more information?
      Contact us with any questions.

  • 2. General Questions

    1. How does the Camera mount-GP work?
      Mounts your camera in a level position by lining up with the angle on your GoPro® housing. Simply do a one time set-up of the bungee straps to fit your hand, mount your camera, slide the bungee loops over your wrist and hand and shoot video while leaving your hand free to do other needed task under or above water.
      Easily switch the mount to the opposite hand with no readjustments.

    2. Can the Camera Mount be used above water ?

    3. Is the ScubaSight® Camera Mount made for saltwater use?
      Yes, the mount is made of all corrosion resistant materials including fasteners that are made of the more expensive 316 type of stainless steel.

    4. Where can I purchase the ScubaSight® Camera Mount ?
      You can order the Camera Mount here.

  • 3. Sizing Questions

    1. How do I attach the hands free mount using the bungee straps ?
      The system comes with two extra long bungee strap and one of the knots is tied loosely. You simply move the knot around until you have a comfortable fit. Fully tighten the knot once you are finished and not before. The Camera Mount Set-Up Guide on YouTube will help you to set-up your mount.

    2. How tight should the bungee strap be ?
      The strap will stretch to almost twice its length but if it is stretched tightly on a bare skin or a thin wetsuit it could be uncomfortable.The bungee strap should be set up so that one strap goes around your wrist and the other strap around your hand. You can snug the knots loosely until you have the desired tightness. When you are sure of the fit you can tighten the knots. The excess strap may be trimmed if desired. The bungee will not fray past the knot but you can carefully melt the frayed ends of the bungee for a neater job.

    3. Why is bungee cord used for the mirror strap ? Why not have a belt type strap like wrist computers ?
      The advantage of the bungee strap is that you can take the mount on and off without having to fasten a belt type strap with one hand. While underwater it is easy to quickly move the system to your opposite hand for a different type of shot. The bungee strap also allows you to gear up faster for your dive.

  • 4. Construction & Materials Questions

    1. How waterproof is the ScubaSight® Camera Mount?
      The Camera Mount is made for scuba diving and guaranteed to be completely waterproof.

    2. Is the ScubaSight® Camera Mount suitable for saltwater use?
      Yes, the system is made of all corrosion resistant materials including fasteners that are made of the more expensive 316 type of stainless steel.

    3. What is acrylic mirror ?
      A lightweight plastic shatterproof mirror that has a reflectivity that is very close to silvered glass. The reflectivity of acrylic mirror is 85% to 90% compared to silvered glass which is 93%. The difference is not noticeable.

    4. What is marine bungee cord ?
      Bungee cord is also known as shock cord. It has a core made up of multiple strands of elastic. The core is covered by a sheath or outside layer. All ScubaSight mounts use the highest quality marine grade bungee that is very strong and suitable for use in water and consists of a woven nylon sheath and a 12 strand rubber core.

    5. How long will the bungee cord last?
      It will depend on the amount of use and sun exposure but it should last a number of years. You can easily replace it yourself at a low cost.

  • 5. Maintenance Questions

    1. How do I care for the system?
      Like any scuba equipment it is best to rinse it after saltwater use. It is also recommended to limit sunlight exposure as much as possible.