Jose Gil Gomez Dives With The ScubaSight Dive Mirror

At first, I thought of ScubaSight as a kind of “rear view” mirror that I could use to see approaching divers and fish and let them pass. All jokes aside, when the manufacturer sent it to me he asked that I think of it as more than just a “rear view” mirror. Not forgetting this request I decided that the best way to discover the true use of this invention was to try it underwater. Since then, I have done several dives with ScubaSight and have found it to have many virtues. Picture of Jose using ScubaSight On the first dive we decided to try a side mount setting - it was my first practices with this setting- so I was a little nervous. While I was sitting on the boat lift waiting for my partner, the mirror allowed me to see the whole process and calculate how much time we needed to enter the water. Once in the water, I took a peek at ScubaSight to check my equipment. I took my scooter to practice “monkey diving” a fun and exciting activity that consists of performing stunts and twists in all directions including loops that bring me very close to the bottom. Again, the ScubaSight showed its worth and made it possible for the first time for me to see the bottom even while upside down and avoid hitting it with my head. The mirror also helped me to stay within range of my partner who was recording the adventure. When we returned to the boat towed by the scooter, ScubaSight allowed me to see that my “passenger” was in perfect condition and even, what a surprise, the silhouette of a sea eagle that flew over our heads. In the second test session we traveled to the Stenella, which is my favorite ship because it was used in a scene from the movie “007: Die Another Day” in which Halle Berry climbs aboard. The boat anchored this time near a rock wall and the bow was too close to it. After throwing myself into the water, my ScubaSight made it possible at all times, even from behind to control the distance to the rocks. During the dive I found a small octopus hiding in a hole, impossible to see…except with the help of my ScubaSight and flashlight. Upon surfacing we found that the ship had to anchor away because of rough seas. No problem, enlightened by the reflection of the sun to the skipper, who quickly came to pick us up. Once in the elevator of the boat, I used the ScubaSight to verify that no part of the equipment could get caught. Picture of Jose underwater with a ScubaSight mirror. In the third test session, in addition to ScubaSight I was testing a new scooter. When my dive buddy, Juan, on the second scooter saw ScubaSight, he joked saying that if I needed makeup... After we descended and began to speed up those wonderful beasts, the test ride quickly became a race. I let Juan go forward until I found the trick to the scooter and found a gap to overtake him while accelerating at full throttle. Once in the lead I managed to intercept all his overtaking maneuvers which I observed in my mirror. When we got on the boat Juan told me that he did not understand how I, while wearing a scuba mask with black silicone, had seen every time he tried to pass. I showed him the ScubaSight and dazzled him with the glare as I pretended to apply makeup, so we ended the diving with a good laugh. As you can see there are many reasons to make ScubaSight part of the equipment of any diver. As a personal note, I will tell you that at the surface it is also very helpful to me because when I’m in my wheelchair or my handcycling I can see the face of the person who pushes me without having to adopt uncomfortable positions with the neck.

See you in The Blue,                                                                                 Translated from Spanish by Adriana Gomez
Jose Gil Gomez
Madrid, Spain                                                                            Photos by Adriana Gomez ©2011 All Rights Reserved

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